Auditoria.AI and BrainSell Team Up to Transform Corporate Finance

BrainSell + AuditoriaThis week, Auditoria announced a new partnership with BrainSell. If you haven’t heard of BrainSell, the firm specializes in growth enablement, with a mission to help you thrive by solving your business challenges with guidance and technology.

BrainSell CEO Jim Ward chafes at the idea of being called a “reseller”—trust me, I saw the look on his face when I used that term in one of our first meetings.

I'll leave it to the good folks at BrainSell to explain:

We have been helping companies of all shapes and sizes across North America crush their goals with business consulting and technology solutions since our founding in 1994 – back when BrainSell's headquarters was just a second bedroom.

Their stated mission aligns with Auditoria’s goals of improving accounting finance people’s lives by strengthening finance back-office efficiency. Bottom line: get rid of the routine, monotonous, time-consuming part of accounting, and both the company and the employee will be much better off.

Based outside of Boston, BrainSell’s stellar team helps companies select and implement CRM, marketing automation, customer support, ERP/accounting, and business intelligence solutions, among other leading-edge technologies.

That’s where Auditoria comes in. As a pioneer in AI-based accounting automation, Auditoria will help BrainSell achieve its stated objective of growth enablement and goal crushing.

BrainSell Auditoria.AI

Back to CEO Jim Ward:

Auditoria’s use of AI and machine learning technology to streamline back office functions makes them the best partner to tackle the big task of enabling growth in the finance department.

I’m truly excited about this partnership, and BrainSell looks forward to diving into the trenches with Auditoria to accomplish this task and more to better help our customers grow.

Since BrainSell specializes in helping fast-moving, high-growth companies, it’s an inspiring proposition to work with them. Together, we will help companies thrive and scale their accounting functions with technology to mitigate the issues that come with hypergrowth.

And this blog post wouldn’t be complete without some gratuitous self-dealing.

As part of the partnership, I was lucky to be invited to be the first guest on the BrainSell Growth Enablement Madness podcast. The conversation centers around the growth enablement strategies Auditoria has taken to make an impact in ERP. Listen to the first episode of the BrainSell podcast here.

On behalf of everyone here at Auditoria, we’re looking forward to working side-by-side with BrainSell to help your firm grow. If growth enablement is a team sport, then we're honored to be part of the team.