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Legacy Technology: Understanding Its Limitations

Most corporate back-office functions, such as marketing, sales, and security, have a range of SaaS...

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This Article Was Written by ChatGPT

Editor's Note: ChatGPT from OpenAI has dominated the technology news cycle since it was launched to...

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A New Era of Finance with Intelligent Automation

Several years ago, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions were a welcome addition to business...

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What Is Computer Vision All About?

What is Computer Vision?

Computer Vision (CV) has increasingly become one of the rapid-paced...

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OCR Is Not Enough: Why Advanced Tech is Critical for Automating Finance

Finance is complicated.

Add on a layer of risk and compliance to meet requirements and...

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What Is an AR Helpdesk and Why Do I Need It Now?

Picture this scenario. You run a global shared services center supporting the accounts receivable...

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Building the Automation Business Case in Transportation and Logistics

The pandemic created problems and opportunities for shippers, freight forwarders, brokers, and...

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Auditoria SmartInsights: Reshaping the Finance Back Office

The corporate finance back office has been long overdue for advancement. 

Before adopting ERP...

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AI Accelerates the Month-End Close, Powered by Auditoria SmartGL

SmartBots act as junior accountants to improve corporate finance teams' speed, accuracy, and...

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Setting the Foundations of the Finance Cognitive Automation Market

It’s been almost one year since our team here at Auditoria actively started taking our offerings to...

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Overcoming the Transportation and Logistics Great Resignation

The pandemic of 2020-2022 has impacted Transportation and Logistics (T&L) operations dramatically...

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Auditoria.AI and BrainSell Team Up to Transform Corporate Finance

This week, Auditoria announced a new partnership with BrainSell. If you haven’t heard of BrainSell,...

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Accounts Receivable Automation: The Future of AR and Collections

The corporate finance back office is the backbone of any business, and yet, it’s been slow to adapt...

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Your Starter Guide to Accounting Automation

Finance professionals have the challenging task of ensuring that most of the business and its...

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Auditoria & AST Deliver AI Automation to Oracle ERP Cloud Clients

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Auditoria will now support the Oracle ERP Cloud as the latest...

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Finance Automation is the Future of the Corporate Back Office

For a long time, the corporate back office was inundated with paper processes, manual data entry...

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6 Misconceptions About Finance and Automation

Now is the time to debunk the old age misconceptions around the corporate finance function.


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What is Digital Finance Transformation?

Technology is advancing so rapidly that it could take entire industries years to completely...

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Inside Scoop: Intelligent Automation Week 2020

Over the last two weeks, Intelligent Automation was the hot topic of discussion in our industry....

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Auditoria’s Panel at Intelligent Automation Week 2020

Intelligent Automation Week is upon us, and this year, due to the effects of the global pandemic,...

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Forging Ahead: How John Fernandez Builds Rock Solid Finance Teams

A Conversation with John Fernandez of ForgeRock.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to chat with...

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Hyperautomation Part 3: Rounding Out with Automated Responses

By now, you've probably seen my first set of blogs on Hyperautomation, where I lay out the...

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A Fresh Take From Tyler Sloat: Audits, Errors, & Retaining Top Talent

A Conversation with Tyler Sloat of Freshworks.

Earlier this year, I sat down with Tyler Sloat, CFO...

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Hyperautomation Part 2: Automated Algorithmic Analytics

A couple of weeks back, I penned my thoughts on the topic of Hyperautomation. First, thanks to so...

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What Does Finance Look Like in the Year 2040?

A conversation with R "Ray" Wang of Constellation Research.

Earlier this year, I sat down with R...

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Auditoria Survey: Accounting Automation in the Finance Back Office

"Finance people have been left behind by automation."

I've been saying it for years.  I frequently...

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Tech Talk: Using NLP as an Anchor for Automation

Right now, “Preserve Cash” is the call to action for all companies. But when you look closer,...

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Hyperautomation Part 1: ERP and the Finance Back Office

There’s been a fair amount of talk of Hyperautomation recently. I thought I’d pen my thoughts on...

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5 Key Findings from the 2020 Auditoria.AI Survey of ERP & Automation

I've noticed something about people.  Practically everyone I've ever met is walking around with two...

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Video: Finance Automation and the Self-Driving Finance Back Office

Every time I sit down to interview someone, I'm astonished at the unexpected answers I get.

A while...

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