What Is an AR Helpdesk and Why Do I Need It Now?

What-Is-an-AR-Helpdesk-and-Why-Do-I-Need-It-NowPicture this scenario. You run a global shared services center supporting the accounts receivable and collections function of a global 2000 company. You support tens of thousands of customers and are responsible for a team of more than 50-100 shared services staff responsible for collecting incoming cash from customer invoices and processing customer payments on time.

Your team of collectors receives hundreds, or maybe thousands, of requests each week, and they have to review them, respond to them, escalate them if appropriate and ensure that they are processed in a timely fashion. 

Shared Services TeamsAny missteps or delays in execution by your staff result in reduced cash flow and challenges to your company's financial metrics, which has potential implications on your stock price. What you do and how you motivate your teams to execute are directly responsible for your company's cash flow.

Now picture a similar scenario with a little twist. Your team receives the same hundreds or thousands of requests coming in each week. However, before they receive and review the messages, there is an intelligent, autonomous software robot that reads the messages, interprets the requests, fulfills and executes actions, and brings in the human collectors only when needed.  

These intelligent software robots are trained in finance and accounting concepts and understand what revenue accounting and an accounts receivable function should process. The software robots handle more than 90% of the incoming inquiries received by your shared services center, and operate and execute tasks and requests you have authorized. 

Customers receive the information and documentation they need, make their payments accordingly, and your team looks terrific, improving both your customer service and financial metrics. 

Welcome to the world of smart, autonomous AR helpdesks.

Sound too good to be true?

Welcome to the world of smart, autonomous AR helpdesks.

These automated helpdesks are staffed by intelligent software robots that read incoming emails. Upon reviewing the content and intent of email messages, the software robots take action based on what they have been authorized to execute. 

They may respond to a customer who misplaced a copy of their invoice by sending them the invoice immediately. They may handle a request to send the customer a purchase order copy.

They may receive a request from a customer who disputed one or more items in an invoice and begin triaging and resolving the dispute. Bottom line, these software robots that staff the AR helpdesk are ready and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. They actively receive and process every incoming request and ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 

And how do these AR helpdesks work, you may ask?

And how do these AR helpdesks work, you may ask?

Well, it is straightforward. You configure the AR Helpdesk in Auditoria‘s console by connecting the helpdesk to your system of record, such as an ERP application, and point them to one or more shared mailboxes you want the software robots to listen in and work on.

You then configure the bots and give them the authority to respond to actions based on your preferences. You enroll the customer accounts you want the bots to respond to and take care of automatically.

And that is pretty much it.

The software robots then go to work for you. They receive every incoming email, validate whether it is from a customer they have been authorized to respond to, then the bots interpret the intent of the incoming email request, taking action based accordingly. 

The software robots tag every email with an appropriate label that identifies what type of an email request it was and what action was taken. And as always, the software robots only execute actions you have authorized them to take.

The software robots tag every email

For requests not on the list of authorized actions you have mandated, the software bot will elevate the request to your team members to review and take action.  The result is an immediately processed customer request, an instant response, a satisfied customer, and a dramatic improvement in your company's cash flow. 

Customer SatisfactionHelpdesks staffed by support or customer service agents have been around for decades. With the advent of artificial intelligence and natural language processing technologies, we now enter the world of intelligent autonomous AR helpdesk.

Auditoria is proud to be the leader in delivering the industry’s first set of purpose-built intelligent autonomous software robots that are fully trained in finance and revenue accounting and staff and manage AR helpdesks. Auditoria‘s AR Helpdesk is available right away, and I invite you all to try this out and dramatically transform your shared services function and improve cash flow for your company.