Rohit Gupta

Rohit founded Auditoria.AI in 2019, with the vision of ushering a new paradigm in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Automation for ERP Financial Applications. He is responsible for conceiving, developing, communicating, and growing Auditoria’s strategy and business as an industry pioneer in the next generation autonomous, self-driving Finance back office.

Most recently, Rohit was Group Vice President for Cloud Security at Oracle Corporation having joined via the acquisition of Palerra, the industry’s first API-centric Cloud Access Security Broker, where he was Founder and CEO.

Prior to Palerra, Rohit was Vice President and General Manager for the Remedy IT Service Management division at BMC Software and Founding Vice President of Product Management for Identity and Access Management at Oracle Corporation.

Rohit earned his master’s degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University, and is a well-known speaker and industry thought leader in the areas of emerging technology innovation, advanced analytics, automation, security, and privacy.

Hyper Automation: The Opportunity for Automated Algorithmic Analytics

A couple of weeks back, I penned my thoughts on the topic of Hyper Automation. First, thanks to so many of you that had reached out in response to the article. The reactions ranged from "spot on" to "I didn't realize the potential opportunity for Automation in ERP." In general, I walked away humbled by your feedback, commendations, and recommendations for future writeups.

In that spirit, I want to write about a topic in automation near and dear to me. It's the ability to automate analytics, and in particular, to conduct algorithmic derivative analysis in an automated fashion.

Hyper Automation in ERP and the Finance Back Office

There’s been a fair amount of talk of Hyper Automation recently. I thought I’d pen my thoughts...

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The summer of 2018 was an interesting one for me. My last startup had been acquired, and I was...