Hyperautomation for Finance and ERP

Hyperautomation for Finance and ERPEarlier this spring, we here at Auditoria announced our revolutionary SmartFlow Skills to help finance teams automate repetitive tasks in the finance back office.

Today, I am pleased to extend Auditoria’s pioneering SmartFlow platform with the launch of a new set of SmartFlow Skills that dramatically accelerate the transformation of the enterprise finance function.

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing, Auditoria’s new SmartFlow Skills provide automation capabilities in four specific areas:

  1. Intelligent Vendor Management to automate everyday supplier-oriented tasks
  2. Intelligent Collections to make accounts receivable teams more efficient
  3. Intelligent Planning to accelerate financial decisions
  4. Intelligent Audit to satisfy regulatory and compliance objectives
In speaking with finance and ERP teams globally, we learned that for automation efforts to be truly embraced and support business requirements, functional capabilities had to extend beyond task automation.

Some of the key requirements included the ability to automate analytical forecasting efforts and the ability to automate interactive responses coming into the finance team that needed constant attention.

With today’s release, Auditoria now provides the industry’s first automation platform that cognitively addresses task execution, algorithmic analytical forecasting, and interactive response management, delivered as a simple SaaS service and purpose-built for enterprise finance teams. This bold step is Auditoria’s advent into the world of Hyperautomation for Corporate Finance.

Auditoria SmartFlow Skills

As stated in Grant Thornton’s 2020 CFO survey, automation is taking shape in every finance function. Be it accounts payable, accounts receivable, or financial planning and budgeting, every role in finance is actively exploring how to leverage modern AI-driven tools to assist in their automation objectives. With Auditoria SmartFlow Skills, finance teams can now seamlessly leverage AI-driven automation in their day-to-day tasks.

Auditoria’s certification by industry-leading ERP applications—Oracle NetSuite, Sage Intacct, and others—enables organizations to get up and running with SmartFlow Skills in record time, thereby benefiting from tremendous time-to-value.

Auditoria’s AI-powered automation transforms your finance back office. It improves accuracy and accelerates decision-making, delivering critical insights in minutes while minimizing errors in executing essential business tasks.

In addition to reducing rework and record verification by up to 50%, finance teams running Auditoria regain hundreds or thousands of hours annually that would otherwise be spent on repetitive non-value-added tasks.

Auditoria enables you to achieve audit readiness with insights that alert you to accounting infractions while supporting and monitoring your internal controls.

Lastly, Auditoria streamlines your shared services costs by at least 35% over three years, while allowing you to get more done and moving your business to an intelligent, digital automation infrastructure.

Huge congrats to the Auditoria Team for taking this bold step forward into the world of Hyperautomation in corporate accounting and finance.