Auditoria SmartPay Takes Accounts Receivable to the Next Level

Take-your-Accounts-Receivables-to-the-Next-Level-banner2Over the last year, since we introduced Auditoria SmartCollections, we have seen various companies, large and small, leverage Auditoria’s automated collector bots for accelerating their collections and dunning efforts.

Our collector bots can be deployed on the front lines of dunning to handle a variety of Collections tasks while aggregating and analyzing volumes of data around Receivables transactions to improve AR balances, reduce bad-debt ratios, and streamline DSO.

Today we take the next step in the autonomous collections journey with the introduction of Auditoria SmartPay.

So what is Auditoria SmartPay?

Auditoria SmartPay is the first integrated payment processing engine built into the collections workflow that brings artificial intelligence, order-to-cash process automation, and payment processing in one simplified user experience.

Auditoria SmartPay is built on top of Stripe, the leading payments infrastructure engine for modern businesses. With Auditoria SmartPay, Payers can simply click and avail of real-time “Pay Now” functionality as part of a Receivables workflow in the currency of their choice with Peace of Mind to ensure the security and compliance of the payment transaction.

Announcing Auditoria SmartPay 1

Auditoria provides the ERP reconciliation built-in natively into the order-to-cash process to ensure that payments are posted against open invoices, thereby eliminating the manual work required in manually posting cash against existing open invoices.

Announcing Auditoria SmartPay 2

Announcing Auditoria SmartPay 3

I’m thrilled to collaborate with Stripe in bringing Auditoria SmartPay to market. Stripe offers a rich set of pre-built Payment Processing capabilities, all delivered and accessible, through rich APIs.

This collaboration allows us to offer our customers the most flexible payment infrastructure with integrated risk-based account verification capabilities, to onboard clients with minimal friction, and conduct real-time screening as high-risk transactions are executed.


Additionally, with Stripe, Auditoria now offers our customers the ability to accept payments from payers in 180+ countries in over 130 currencies. Auditoria SmartPay includes the ability to accept all major debit and credit cards from customers worldwide while ensuring the ability to support adaptive acceptance, enhanced authorization features, dynamic statement descriptors, as well as the support for guaranteed settlements and full and partial refunds for transactions that do not go through.

SmartPay will also provide our customers with the ability to offer bank debits and transfers with a rich set of capabilities, including ACH credit and direct debits, checks, pre-authorized debits, SEPA, Wires, and more, thereby minimizing involuntary churn and lowering the chance of payment failure without adding operational complexity. And with PCI DSS Level1, PSD2 compliance, and active MTL, MSB and EML licenses, Auditoria’s customers can stay current with global regulations, card network rules, and strict industry security standards.

So why now?

The global pandemic has resulted in every commercial enterprise accelerating its digital transformation efforts and enabling faster commerce online. The time is now to integrate and automate payments processing into the order-to-cash process and deliver rich, intelligent decision-making in a single seamless user experience.

Auditoria SmartPay gives customers the confidence to collect faster, with lower fees, shorter reconciliation times, the highest levels of security and compliance while eliminating the need to focus on manual, tedious Collections tasks and instead focus on growing the business.

Regardless of which ERP system you run, if your business is looking to collect faster and offer your Payers a richer and more secure Payments experience while ensuring your ERP reconciliation is handled seamlessly, drop us a line, and check out Auditoria SmartPay.