Auditoria Across the US: Recapping Our Fall Event Tour


And that’s a wrap! 

We recently wrapped up our fall conference tour with the Sage Transform conference earlier this month in Las Vegas. 

This event was the third in a series of conferences we attended this fall, where we toured the US educating accounting and finance professionals on the power of Auditoria® SmartBots to streamline and automate processes across the finance back office. 

Keep reading to see a behind-the-scenes look at our top events this fall, including NACM’s Credit Congress 2021, NetSuite SuiteWorld, and Sage Transform. 

Let’s dive in!

NACM’s Credit Congress 2021

Credit professionals from across the globe gathered in Kansas City in October for the National Association of Credit Management Credit Congress 2021. 

This was the debut of the “Purple Wall” – which turned out to be a hit! 

Other highlights included meeting with customers, prospects, and partners during the conference to chat more about finance automation.


NetSuite SuiteWorld 

Next up in our tour was NetSuite SuiteWorld, held this year in Las Vegas in late October. 

We were excited to debut our new B2B payments offering, Auditoria SmartPay, during the conference. SmartPay is a first-of-its-kind B2B payments offering that brings AI, payments and O2C process automation together, allowing enterprises to collect faster across the globe.



Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Marketing, Auditoria, also presented both live and virtual sessions of our powerful technology, "Supercharge Oracle NetSuite with AI-Based SmartBots.” During the session, he gave an inside look at how our SmartBots automate the routine, repetitive, and laborious parts of the finance function to allow teams to perform more impactful, higher-level business functions.




Sage Transform

We headed back to Las Vegas for the final stop of our fall tour in early November. 

We had a ton of great on-site promotions during Sage Transform, including: 

  • Attendees who stopped by the booth during the Welcome Reception got their own free, hand-rolled cigar
  • We hosted a Scavenger Hunt, with participants having the chance to win $1000 in cash
  • Our solution experts were also providing hands-on, one-on-one demos showcasing the benefits of automating the Finance Back Office

Nick Ezzo and Ali Syed, Head of Accounts at Otto Car also sat down with conference attendees to share real-life examples of how advanced technology streamlines both AP and AR functions.

Find out how Auditoria is supporting Otto Car, London’s largest private-hire rental fleet, to streamline and automate critical business processes.





Check out Auditoria in Action

Didn’t have a chance to meet us this fall? Schedule a live demo of our Auditoria SmartBots to experience the power of automation for yourself. 

Auditoria connects to your accounting mailbox and accounting system to effortlessly manage incoming and outgoing communications with customers, vendors, and employees to accelerate finance transformation and improve cash flow performance.

In a demo, we’ll show you: 

  • How SmartBots can transform your Collections and AR.
  • How to minimize interruptions and reduce friction in your team.
  • How to make your team happier and more productive.

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