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Give Collections a Makeover: How Automation Eliminates the Tedious Tasks of Traditional Collections

2,000 hours. 

For mid-size companies, most collections teams spend more than 2,000 hours annually on routine, labor-intensive accounts receivables and collections tasks. For larger enterprises with collections teams consisting of approximately25 people, this number jumps to 16,000 hours of routine, manual work.

Responding to requests for documentation, researching account statuses, and following up on outstanding balances takes time away from more impactful activities. It’s no wonder why 45% of finance and accounting practitioners feel repetitive work is a massive drain on the organization. 

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Solving Finance Office Challenges: Why Automation is Imperative.

Many companies are known for their logo, brand promises, cool product offerings, or incredible...

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Building the Automation Business Case in Transportation and Logistics

The pandemic created problems and opportunities for shippers, freight forwarders, brokers, and...

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Auditoria SmartInsights: Reshaping the Finance Back Office

The corporate finance back office has been long overdue for advancement. 

Before adopting ERP...

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AI Accelerates the Month-End Close, Powered by Auditoria SmartGL

SmartBots act as junior accountants to improve corporate finance teams' speed, accuracy, and...

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Overcoming the Transportation and Logistics Great Resignation

The pandemic of 2020-2022 has impacted Transportation and Logistics (T&L) operations dramatically...

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Onboard Your Vendors Faster: Breaking Down Vendor Onboarding

What’s the common thread and question we’ve heard from our customers?

It may surprise you. 


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Planning for a Newer, Smarter Future

The past year has revealed many truths about the current state of the workplace. Businesses were...

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Lucky Number 7: Wrapping Up 2021 with Seven Awards

And the awards keep rolling in! 

We’re excited to share two new awards to add to our growing case...

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Webinar Recap: How Technology Impacts Finance: A Look Back and Forward

What have been the most significant challenges and changes of this past year?

There's no better...

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Auditoria Across the US: Recapping Our Fall Event Tour

And that’s a wrap! 

We recently wrapped up our fall conference tour with the Sage Transform...

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Automate Accounts Payable Process for an Agile & Proactive Enterprise

Overcome the barriers of inefficiencies in procure-to-pay operations with the help of proficiently...

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On the Cutting Edge of Innovation With SOC 2 Type II Certification

$150.4 billion. 

That’s the estimated amount Gartner predicts organizations will spend on security...

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Another One for the Trophy Case: CRN Emerging Vendors

It’s a no-brainer — selling and delivering via the channel is a fundamental part of any successful...

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Move Beyond RPA to Automate More Finance Office Functions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was a welcome advancement for IT and finance professionals because...

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Vendor Management Automation: The Upgrade Procurement Needs

Anyone who has spent time in corporate finance knows that the back office is rife with...

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How Predictive Analytics Can Fuel the Future of FP&A

Finance professionals know that cash is the lifeblood of successful companies, and knowing where...

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Accounts Receivable Automation: The Future of AR and Collections

The corporate finance back office is the backbone of any business, and yet, it’s been slow to adapt...

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Your Starter Guide to Accounting Automation

Finance professionals have the challenging task of ensuring that most of the business and its...

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Finance Automation is the Future of the Corporate Back Office

For a long time, the corporate back office was inundated with paper processes, manual data entry...

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6 Misconceptions About Finance and Automation

Now is the time to debunk the old age misconceptions around the corporate finance function.


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What is Digital Finance Transformation?

Technology is advancing so rapidly that it can take entire industries years to completely overhaul...

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