Announcing Auditoria’s Series A Financing

Auditoria-Series-AThe beauty of technology paradigm shifts is the dramatic velocity in expansion and adoption of the new paradigm.

The heritage leaders rarely realize this shift until it’s much too late. And when you factor in a pandemic and its impacts therein, companies’ transformation imperatives have been forcefully accelerated in almost every industry around us. The last decade saw Cloud and SaaS become mainstream, and the next decade is the one of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomous, Intelligent Applications. 

The quest for an Autonomous Enterprise—rather an Autonomous Future—starts with a desire to consider what decisions require intelligent automation versus purely human judgment. The pressure to increase margins, reduce technical debt, and improve serviceability creates massive incentives for companies to adopt autonomous applications. These applications cannot rely on “old school” rules to succeed. Instead, they must take a cognitive approach, apply Machine Learning, harness Natural Language Processing, and ultimately become autonomous.

We founded Auditoria with one end goal in mind—to help back-office teams regain control and balance over their work output, thus delivering predictable outcomes in every part of corporate finance.

Auditoria’s approach helps customers and companies gain massive efficiencies; improve critical financial metrics like DSO, DPO, cash performance, and velocity; and transform their financial operations toward a highly performant and autonomous future. 

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Auditoria has closed its Series A round of financing to usher in a new era of Autonomous Applications for Corporate Finance. 

I’m excited to partner with Brian Ascher at Venrock, Aditya Singh at Neotribe Ventures, and Ashmeet Sidana at Engineering Capital as we build and scale Auditoria. I’m also grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with Betsy Bland, Mark Peek, and Leighanne Levensaler at Workday Ventures as part of this journey. Thank you also to our angel investors who believed in us from day one. 

Above all, I’d like to thank our Customers, Partners, and Teammates who’ve supported us every step of the way and have been instrumental in helping us achieve this tremendous milestone. Auditoria is growing rapidly, and we are actively hiring in every significant function: R&D, Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success. 

I can’t wait to show you all the next set of autonomous FinApps that we are developing, and I invite you all to join us as we deliver on this vision of the autonomous enterprise.