Revolutionizing Finance: Auditoria.AI's Top 5 Milestones of 2023

Revolutionizing FinanceAs we enter 2024, Auditoria is taking a look back, reflecting on a year marked by groundbreaking achievements, industry recognition, and a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the world of finance through cutting-edge automation. 

Join us as we recap the highlights of a truly remarkable year and explore the top achievements that have propelled Auditoria to new heights in the landscape of intelligent automation in the finance office.

Let’s dive in! 

Auditoria.AI Receives Landmark Patent

Auditoria received a lot of attention this year, but one of our biggest milestones of 2023 was the announcement that the company was issued a patent for automating business processes.

Rohit Gupta

“With our focus on the finance team, we bring innovation to an area that needs it most. This patent award is a major milestone for our company, and it validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this space.”

Rohit Gupta, Founder
and CEO of Auditoria.AI

This patent, #US 11,615,110, underscores the company's commitment to innovation and excellence in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies.


The patent outlines Auditoria’s natural language processing capabilities, which are harnessed through an ephemeral cloud-native workflow engine. This engine scales seamlessly across numerous nodes, concurrently executing various tasks in the finance office.

One of the patent's unique features is the intent detection process, utilizing natural language processing to discern the purpose of emails, such as sending or receiving information or disputing an issue.

Auditoria's patented technology establishes connections with ERP applications, collaboration tools, email systems, and other applications, providing powerful automation capabilities. This interconnectedness streamlines a multitude of finance office functions while aggregating and reconciling data back into the systems of record.

The patented technology marks a pivotal moment for Auditoria, reinforcing our position as leaders in the finance automation space. 

Auditoria and Workday Ventures Partnership-1

Auditoria.AI + Workday Prove Together is Better

This year, we continued to take our relationship with Workday to new heights, helping stagnant finance office teams embrace automated ERP solutions. With Auditoria’s seamless integration into the Workday platform, users easily access supplier data, track invoices, and manage payment processes without the need for human intervention.

The partnership between Auditoria and Workday offers an impressive set of solutions, leveraging AI automation to streamline financial processes and reduce manual tasks. With a deployment time of 8 to 12 weeks, this collaboration promises game-changing results in days, not weeks or months.

Finance teams bid farewell to hours spent on administrative work and tedious finance functions. With Auditoria and Workday, your finance team will be able to automate 75% of administrative work, recovering 1000s of hours. 


New Workday Solution Certifications

In partnership with Workday, Auditoria automates financial processes and improves cash visibility, backed by certifications and global expertise. Auditoria's SaaS products supercharge Workday Financial Management installations with Intelligent Apps that use advanced technology such as Artificial Intelligence, LLMs, Machine Learning, and Natural Language technologies. This year, additional certifications from Workday were achieved for Auditoria for AP Helpdesk and AP Accruals.

As a Workday-approved software partner, Auditoria seamlessly processes Workday data to help organizations achieve greater cash position visibility by automating and orchestrating accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger business processes.

As a Workday Ventures Partner, Auditoria.AI has access to Workday’s extensive experience, market know-how, and global reach in the enterprise space. 

Reseller Agreement

Auditoria Reseller Agreement

Workday has contracted to resell Auditoria’s AP Helpdesk and AP Accruals products in late 2023, with the transactional relationship effectively commencing in early 2024. 

With the announcement of this Workday reseller agreement, Auditoria.AI SmartBots for Workday, which includes Auditoria’s AP Helpdesk and AP Accruals modules, will provide new and existing Workday customers with a more comprehensive solution to improve and automate specific AP and GL functions that fall outside of current Workday Financial Management capabilities.

AI Marketplace Early Adopters

Auditoria - Founding Member of Workday AI Marketplace

Workday’s new AI Marketplace features leading AI technologies and aims to help Workday customers harness the power of generative AI and other cutting-edge technologies to the fullest extent by bringing the best of Workday AI and solutions from third-party partners together. Selected as a proven, trusted solution, Auditoria.AI was among the 15 early adopter partners. 

“Being featured in the marketplace underscores a pivotal milestone in Auditoria.AI’s mission to provide groundbreaking AI solutions – and to get those solutions into the hands of more companies that need them.”

Rohit Gupta Rohit Gupta, Founder and CEO of Auditoria.AI

Auditoria Rocked Workday Rising 2023

At Workday Rising 2023, Auditoria showcased our significant role in the AI-driven enterprise solutions landscape. In a session on Intelligent Automation in Payables, Taylor Schreiber and Jewel Laptavijok illustrated the transformative impact of our AI solutions on accounts payable processes, underlining Auditoria’s expertise in AI-driven automation and its practical applications in finance. 

Auditoria at Workday Rising

Rohit Gupta’s participation in a panel discussion on AI’s role in the CFO's Office and hosting a hospitality event underlined our active engagement in the community and industry networking. A full accounting of Auditoria’s presence can be found in Rohit’s Recap - AI on the Rise at Workday Rising 2023

2023 State of Automation in the Finance Office Report

Another major milestone in 2023 was the release of our fourth annual State of Automation in Finance Report, highlighting how intelligent automation addresses the typical challenges faced in the office of the CFO.

Our report reveals a compelling narrative of why finance professionals are embracing automation as a game-changer in their daily operations. 

2023 State of Automation in the Finance Office Report The report, a result of insights from hundreds of accounting and finance professionals, is the most comprehensive survey of finance office automation to date. It serves as a wake-up call for finance teams to prioritize automation, shedding light on the challenges faced by professionals entrenched in time-consuming manual tasks, overloaded inboxes, and delayed responses.

The finance landscape is evolving, and the fourth annual State of Automation in Finance Report is a compass guiding professionals toward a future where automation is not just an option but a necessity.

Keep on the lookout for a request for your participation in the 5th year edition of the annual survey and subsequent report coming soon.

Why You Should Hire a Robot for Your Next Open Finance Position

Should you hire a robot instead of a junior accountant? 

This question was the main focal point of our most-watched webinar of 2023

Through this webinar, attendees discovered why robots could be your next best hire and how to use technology to propel the finance team forward while advancing careers, providing new opportunities, and driving success for finance organizations.


Powering the Self-Driving Finance Office

In the fast-paced world of finance, every CFO's burning question echoes in boardrooms worldwide: "When can I transition to a self-driving, autonomous enterprise?" It's a question that resonates across industries, as the need for streamlined, efficient financial operations is universal.

Our video, Powering the Self-Driving Finance Back Office, received a lot of buzz in 2023 as it answers this question and more.

The message is clear. If you are not implementing AI, your company won’t scale. Leveraging AI becomes not just an option but a necessity to handle the workload that would have previously required hiring contractors or outsourcing during peak times.


Auditoria is answering this demand for AI by applying machine learning to revolutionize financial processes for companies globally. Our technology stands out for its ability to provide a 3-4X multiplier in productivity, supporting a company's growth trajectory. 

The early adopters of Auditoria’s technology are not just investing in a solution; they are shaping the future of finance—one precision decision at a time.

Crystal Ball

Looking Ahead to 2024

As we bid farewell to 2023, our commitment to revolutionizing the world of finance through cutting-edge automation has propelled us to new heights in the landscape of intelligent finance operations.

Auditoria.AI is not just providing a solution; we are shaping the future of finance. 

As we step into 2024, we carry with us the momentum of a year marked by groundbreaking accomplishments and an unwavering commitment to driving the evolution of finance through intelligent automation.

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