Onboard Your Vendors Faster: Breaking Down Vendor Onboarding

What’s the common thread and question we’ve heard from our customers?

It may surprise you. 

More often than not, customers come to us asking how could they onboard their vendors faster. Vendor onboarding is a slow and monotonous process, albeit necessary for the health and prosperity of the business. 

Flexibility and adaptability have become critical to onboarding success, and an increasing number of companies are discovering strong vendor onboarding policies and practices are vital for supporting their ability to nimbly respond to changes in the supply chain.

Automated vendor onboarding processes have become more popular as companies push towards digitizations to remain competitive. In this article, we’ll take a look at the fundamentals of vendor onboarding and how to leverage automation to onboard vendors faster and more accurately.

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Planning for a Newer, Smarter Future

The past year has revealed many truths about the current state of the workplace. Businesses...

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Lucky Number 7: Wrapping Up 2021 with Seven Awards

And the awards keep rolling in! 

We’re excited to share two new awards to add to our growing...

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Webinar Recap: How Technology Impacts Finance: A Look Back and Forward

What have been the most significant challenges and changes of this past year?

There's no better...

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Auditoria Across the US: Recapping Our Fall Event Tour

And that’s a wrap! 

We recently wrapped up our fall conference tour with the Sage Transform...

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Auditoria SmartPay Takes Accounts Receivable to the Next Level

Over the last year, since we introduced Auditoria SmartCollections, we have seen various...

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Automate Accounts Payable Process for an Agile & Proactive Enterprise

Overcome the barriers of inefficiencies in procure-to-pay operations with the help of...

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On the Cutting Edge of Innovation With SOC 2 Type II Certification

$150.4 billion. 

That’s the estimated amount Gartner predicts organizations will spend on...

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Another One for the Trophy Case: CRN Emerging Vendors

It’s a no-brainer — selling and delivering via the channel is a fundamental part of any...

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Tipping Point: The State of Automation in the Back Office

It’s here, and the results are compelling. After collaborating with more than 600 finance...

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Why CFOs Can’t Automate Relationships: A Sit Down with Janelle Gorman

I recently sat down with Janelle Gorman, the CFO of York IE, an investment firm helping reshape...

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FinOps Automation: It's Time

Finance and Accounting departments have a scaling problem. Engineering, Product, and Operations...

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Announcing Auditoria’s Series A Financing

The beauty of technology paradigm shifts is the dramatic velocity in expansion and adoption of...

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The Massive Evolution From RPA to Intelligent Autonomous Applications Has Begun

Editor's note: This article originally appeared on the blog A Software Insider's Point of View...

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Move Beyond RPA to Automate More Back-Office Functions

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was a welcome advancement for IT and finance professionals...

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Supercharging ERP with Auditoria & Oracle NetSuite

Let’s face itartificial intelligence is here to stay. The impact of AI and automation has...

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Vendor Management Automation: The Upgrade Procurement Needs

Anyone who has spent time in corporate finance knows that the back office is rife with...

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How Predictive Analytics Can Fuel the Future of FP&A

Finance professionals know that cash is the lifeblood of successful companies, and knowing where...

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Auditoria.AI and BrainSell Team Up to Transform Corporate Finance

This week, Auditoria announced a new partnership with BrainSell. If you haven’t heard of ...

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Accounts Receivable Automation: The Future of AR and Collections

The corporate finance back office is the backbone of any business, and yet, it’s been slow to...

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Your Starter Guide to Accounting Automation

Finance professionals have the challenging task of ensuring that most of the business and its...

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Auditoria & AST Deliver AI Automation to Oracle ERP Cloud Clients

Today, I’m pleased to announce that Auditoria will now support the Oracle ERP Cloud as the...

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Come See Auditoria at Sage Intacct Advantage 2020!

Next week marks the start of the first virtual Sage Intacct Advantage Conference, the premier...

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Hyperautomation for Finance and ERP

Earlier this spring, we here at Auditoria announced our revolutionary SmartFlow Skills to help...

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Putting CFOs in the Driver’s Seat With Hyperautomation

The world we live in now is much different than it was six months ago: a globally distributed...

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Finance Automation is the Future of the Corporate Back Office

For a long time, the corporate back office was inundated with paper processes, manual data entry...

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6 Misconceptions About Finance and Automation

Now is the time to debunk the old age misconceptions around the corporate finance function.


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What is Digital Finance Transformation?

Technology is advancing so rapidly that it can take entire industries years to completely...

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Inside Scoop: Intelligent Automation Week 2020

Over the last two weeks, Intelligent Automation was the hot topic of discussion in our industry....

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Auditoria’s Panel at Intelligent Automation Week 2020

Intelligent Automation Week is upon us, and this year, due to the effects of the global...

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Forging Ahead: How John Fernandez Builds Rock Solid Finance Teams

A Conversation with John Fernandez of ForgeRock.

Earlier this year, I had the chance to chat...

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Hyperautomation Part 3: Rounding Out with Automated Responses

By now, you've probably seen my first set of blogs on Hyperautomation, where I lay out the...

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A Fresh Take From Tyler Sloat: Audits, Errors, & Retaining Top Talent

A Conversation with Tyler Sloat of Freshworks.

Earlier this year, I sat down with Tyler Sloat,...

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Hyperautomation Part 2: Automated Algorithmic Analytics

A couple of weeks back, I penned my thoughts on the topic of Hyperautomation. First, thanks to...

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What Does Finance Look Like in the Year 2040?

A conversation with R "Ray" Wang of Constellation Research.

Earlier this year, I sat down with R...

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Tech Talk: Using NLP as an Anchor for Automation

Right now, “Preserve Cash” is the call to action for all companies. But when you look closer,...

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Hyperautomation Part 1: ERP and the Finance Back Office

There’s been a fair amount of talk of Hyperautomation recently. I thought I’d pen my thoughts on...

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Auditoria 2020 Survey: Automation in ERP and the Finance Back Office

"Finance people have been left behind by automation."

I've been saying it for years.  I...

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5 Key Findings from the 2020 Auditoria.AI Survey of ERP & Automation

I've noticed something about people.  Practically everyone I've ever met is walking around with...

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Video: Finance Automation and the Self-Driving Finance Back Office

Every time I sit down to interview someone, I'm astonished at the unexpected answers I get.


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Artificial Intelligence Transforms Corporate Accounting

Hi, I'm Ashmeet Sidana, chief engineer at Engineering Capital. I'm a computer scientist first...

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Hello World! It’s Me, Auditoria.

The summer of 2018 was an interesting one for me. My last startup had been acquired, and I was...

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